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    Published 24 May 2013 Referencing Hub media

    Dr Martin Markotsis of Scion describes innovation as a process of developing a new product, service or method of processing a material that improves on what has been done before.

    Jargon alert

    Optimisation: The improvement of a product or process to achieve the best possible efficiency, performance properties, cost and so on.

    A challenge for students

    Look at how different people in different innovation stories define innovation. Compare these with various definitions available on the internet and identify common elements. Discuss and compile an agreed definition in groups or as a class.


    Dr Martin Markotsis

    For me, innovation involves a process of development optimisation. It’s not just having a new idea or a thought – can we do it differently? – and it’s not just an end goal. Like the biospife in itself is not innovation. It’s innovation that brought us from petrochemical-based spife to incorporating kiwifruit residues into a bioplastic.

    For me, innovation is the development of a new product or a new service or a new way of processing a material that improves what has been done before

    Dr Martin Markotsis, SCION
    Alistair Mowat, ZESPRI

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