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Position: Head of Leigh Marine Laboratory, Field: Marine science, Organisation: Leigh Marine Laboratory, The University of Auckland.

Professor John Montgomery is the head of the Leigh Marine Laboratory, north of Auckland.

Professor John Montgomery is the Chair of Marine Science at the University of Auckland, Director of the Leigh Marine Laboratory and is on the Board of Antarctica New Zealand. His scientific work sits at the interface of marine science and neuroscience, and he has published extensively on sensory behaviour and physiology of fish, including hearing, hydrodynamic senses and the quite extraordinary electrosensory system of sharks and rays.

Recent work on passive acoustic orientation by the larvae of reef fish and crustaceans is attracting international attention as it has potential applications in coastal management and restocking depleted reef populations. Current work on tagging pelagic and coastal fishes also has implications for population connectivity, conservation and fisheries.

His work has been recognised by his election to the Royal Society of New Zealand, an International Brain Research Organisation Fellowship and a Fulbright Scholarship.

He also plays an active role in promoting marine science and communicating science to the public and gave the opening address at a recent international conference on globalisation of the oceans.

This article is based on information current in 2011.

    Published 10 May 2011 Referencing Hub articles