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  • Join Andrea Soanes and Angela Schipper as we unpack ideas connected to Te Kāhui o Matariki and Environment Aotearoa 2022 and share resources that can be used as a guiding framework for teaching and learning.

    Each of the nine whetū in the Matariki cluster is associated with an aspect of wellbeing and the environment, such as the land, the forests, freshwater, salt water, wind and rain. Using a Matariki narrative helps us tell the story of the present state of our environment. It supports our understanding of the connections and interactions between the environment and people and it provides a link from the past to the present and into the future. The Matariki framework also showcases examples where mātauranga Māori and science concepts combine to provide a breadth of knowledge and understanding.

    Interweaving different knowledge systems presents a richer and more relevant picture of the environment and of its connections with people.

    You can download the video and slideshow presentation.

    Topic Slideshow number(s) Video timecode
    Introducing the video and the Science Learning Hub presenters 1 00:00
    Index 2 00:50
    About the Science Learning Hub 3 1:29
    Purpose 4 2:01
    About the Environment Aotearoa 2022 report 5 3:25
    Whetū and their domains 6 4:50
    Mātauranga Māori and science 7 6:22
    Mauri, wellbeing and sustainability 8 7:26
    Looking at the resources 9–11 8:31
    Cross-curricular learning activities 12–13 13:36
    Local curriculum 14 16:06
    SLH links, keep in touch and thanks 15 18:38

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    Activity ideas

    Use this cross-curricular activity to explore written and visual components of the Matariki representations. Great inspiration for poetry and art and suitable for early learners to secondary students!

    This activity uses the Kāhui o Matariki infographics to practise the science capability ‘interpret representations’.

    Learn about star constellations and the various legends about them.

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    Useful links

    The Ministry for the Environment's Environment Aotearoa 2022 report can be found here.

    The Living by the stars website provides links to presentations and resources connected to Professor Rangi Mātāmua’s knowledge of Matariki.

    Te Papa Tongarewa has a wealth of resources about Matariki and the maramataka.

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