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    The Science Learning Hub Pokapū Akoranga Pūtaiao offers a range of opportunities to support teachers’ science teaching and increase their own science knowledge and understanding. These include the resources and articles published in the Teacher Professional Learning and Development (PLD) section. You'll find information from webinars, and about planning and pedagogy. Other opportunities are outlined below.

    We advertise upcoming webinars under the Professional Development filter in our Events section and in the Education Gazette. To be alerted to upcoming sessions or find out about other new content, sign up to receive our newsletters. Keep an eye on the notification bell on our website (top right-hand corner) to see alerts on upcoming PLD. We also regularly tweet about upcoming events and post on our Facebook page.


    We host a large number of webinars that have been recorded, edited and uploaded as webinar articles. These can be viewed online or downloaded. The live webinars are generally held on Thursday afternoons from 4.00–4.45pm. The published articles also include a downloadable PowerPoint and related links. The Science Learning Hub produces about 12 of these each year, and they cover a wide variety of topics ranging from contextually based sessions to those designed to support teachers in planning and pedagogy.

    To run the live webinars, we use Adobe Connect. Using Adobe Connect is easy, but if you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before, we recommend you test your connection here: We also suggest that you check that you have the latest version for optimal viewing.

    Note that you do not need to register in Adobe Connect. You are joining as a guest, so just type in your name and select ‘enter’ to join the session.

    Well done! So glad I was a participant today – resource rich, fun, totally engaging and relevant. Ka mau te wehi korua.

    Webinar participant 2018


    Many of these articles have been written specifically to support teachers in planning science programmes and activities. Some of these are based on specific science topics, and others are more generic. The resources offered here include planning pathways, unit plans and contextual support materials. These can be used as is or downloaded and modified to suit specific needs. Some of the webinars are also designed to support planning.


    The Science Learning Hub offers a range of articles written to support teachers in effective science pedagogy. These resources include case studies of different approaches taken to science teaching, aspects of curriculum implementation, science capabilities and the nature of science. As with the resources to support planning, some are embedded within a particular context, and others are more generic. Some of the webinars also offer pedagogical support.

    SLACK discussion forum

    The Science Learning Hub hosts a discussion forum in Slack, which offers opportunities for teachers to share ideas, resources and reflections on their learning. Once you have joined Slack, you will find yourself in the General channel. To find all the channels we have created, click on the Channels button up on the left-hand side. This will open a page called Browse channels. All the channels that are available are listed on this page, and you can join any that interest you with a simple click.

    Most of the channels are designed to share resources organised under topic headings and are linked to the webinars we hold.

    As we are all aware, reflection is an integral part of our professional learning. The Learning reflections channel is designed to support teachers’ reflections and discuss learnings from the Hub PLD webinars.

    PLD certification

    We are currently able to offer recognition of teachers’ involvement in the PLD we offer. We have two different types of certificates.

    Certificate of participation – to qualify for this, teachers must have:

    • registered for a webinar and answered the questions in the registration form
    • participated in the live webinar
    • registered in Slack.

    Professional learning and development certificate – to qualify for this, teachers must have:

    • shown that they have participated in or viewed a particular PLD webinar
    • participated in a relevant Slack discussion and reflected on their professional learning within the Learning reflections channel.

    Curated resource collections

    In Pond and on Pinterest, we have curated collections of resources that have been compiled to support a context or theme, such as the topic of a webinar or a current event, for example, Seaweek or Conservation Week.

    Social media

    The Hub has an active presence across Facebook and Twitter. These social media platforms allow us to interact with and support Hub users by facilitating closer connections between scientists and educators. They are also key in promoting other relevant resources, connections and conversations in the science/technology education and communication space.

    Following us is a great way to make connections between topical events and Hub resources and for keeping up to date with upcoming events and new content. Find out more on how we can help you here.

    Upcoming SLH PLD webinars

    Watch this space – more webinar dates will be added throughout the year.

    Primary teachers' help

    Use our filters to find content specifically suitable for primary teachers within our topic and context collections, or locate our primary level PLD resources in this helpful article.


      Published 7 February 2018 Referencing Hub articles