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  • An inquiry approach is a method often used in science education. The question bank provides an initial list of questions about our resources how unique we are and places where their answers can be found.

    The article Uniquely me – introduction has links to further resources and student activities.

    Q. What is DNA and where exactly is it in your body?

    Q. What are chromosomes?

    Q. What is the difference between a haploid and a diploid cell?

    Q. What are genes and how do they determine how we look and act?

    Q. How are your genotype and phenotype related?

    Q. What environmental factors might affect our phenotype?

    Q. How can identical twins with identical genetic make-up end up looking different to each other?

    Q. How do traits pass from one generation to the next?

    Q. How does meiosis result in variation amongst individuals?

    Q. What’s the difference between monozygotic and dizygotic twins?

    Q. What is a model organism and why do scientists use them in their research?

      Published 18 May 2011, Updated 15 October 2017 Referencing Hub articles
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