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    An inquiry approach is a method often used in science education. This question bank provides a list of questions about Earthquakes and places where their answers can be found.

    The questions are in three groups:

    • Earthquakes in general
    • Slow slips
    • Base isolation

    The article Investigating earthquakes – introduction has links to further resources and student activities.

    Earthquakes in general

    This question bank asks general questions about earthquakes.

    Q. We can't see through solid rock, so where's the evidence for how earthquakes work?

    Q. Why does the earth shake so far away from where an earthquake starts?

    Q. Can I see earthquake waves?

    Q. Who is talking about this?

    Q. What are New Zealand scientists doing about this?

    Q. How long have we known about this?

    Slow slips

    This question bank focuses on the form of earthquakes known as slow slips.

    Q. How can slow slips help us understand earthquakes?

    Q. Who is talking about this?

    Q. Where can we find out about this?

    Base isolation

    A group of questions focuses on the technology of base isolation.

    Q. How do I know which buildings are the safest?

    Q. How can base isolators be tested without being in an earthquake?

    Q. Who is talking about this?

    Q. Where can we find out about this?

      Published 24 June 2008 Referencing Hub articles