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  • In this unit plan, students develop their knowledge of food and product development to produce a snack bar for a specific target market.

    Download the unit plan below.


    • To consider what factors influence our food choices.
    • To understand why we need to eat and the different nutrients that are available in foods.
    • To understand why it is important to match the amount of energy in the food we eat with our energy requirements.

    Suggestions for a scenario

    The school has been asked to design and make a new snack bar for its students. Some of the students are fussy eaters, so you need to find out what tastes, textures and colours of snack bar students like best. The snack bar must be tasty and appealing and contain different amounts of food energy.


    In New Zealand, biotechnology research is using material from plants like vegetables and cereals to make foods with varying amounts of energy. In order to make new foods, it’s important to understand how the structure and composition of plant material can affect the amount and speed of energy release. It is also important to find out what people like and dislike when they making new foods for consumers.

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