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    These planning ideas support the Ethics in science planner. They offer teachers information, ideas and example activities to help them with their planning.

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    Ethical frameworks and questions – This document provides teachers with five common ethical approaches and appropriate questions for each. These frameworks can be used to explore ethical issues.

    Activities for supporting ethical thinking – This document offers a range of activities and strategies that can be used when teaching ethics in science. It is a limited range, and teachers should not be restricted by this list.

    Noisy round robin – This is a classroom strategy that has been successful for teachers teaching ethics in science. It is a useful tool for generating a great number of ideas using small groups.

    Plus, minus, interesting – This is a well known and useful format for recording ideas. It has been effectively used for teaching ethics in science.

    What do you think? – This worksheet is an example activity that encourages students to form and justify a viewpoint.


      Published 6 June 2012 Referencing Hub articles