Many resources on the Science Learning Hub explore ideas relating to the Physical World strand in the NZC.

This online PD session recorded on 11 March 2015 shows primary teachers how to navigate the Hub while exploring our resources on Flight. As well as strong science ideas related to the Physical World, Flight blends nicely with the Living World, showcasing the flight of the godwits. The interactive Wings for flight brings planes and birds together in a comparison of flight capabilities.

The PD session explores other resources with strong Physical World science ideas, such as Light and sight, Fire, Future fuels, Rockets, The noisy reef, You, me and UV, Harnessing the Sun and Tsunamis and surf.

This PLD session was based on the legacy Science Learning Hub however all the resources are still available on our new-look Science Learning Hub site.

See links above to view the video of this professional development session or see below to download the:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • treasure hunt
  • index for the PowerPoint and video.

I found this session really helpful and I will definitely be using the Science Learning Hub. Thanks very much.


Thanks very much for a great intro. I am a secondary teacher with a background in middle school science and now teach mostly senior sci/bio but am in charge of 9/10. Will definitely be sharing with my team.



    Published 1 May 2015