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  • The Science Learning Hub has many resources for primary teachers related to volcanoes in the Planet Earth and Beyond strand of the New Zealand Curriculum.

    Children love to explore volcanoes – they are exciting. Volcanoes can erupt spectacularly, throwing molten rock into the air in pyrotechnic displays that are simply stunning. How do volcanoes work? Where do they form? How does this relate to us?

    Volcanoes resources – planning pathways provides pedagogical advice and organises Hub volcanoes resources into key science concepts and topics.

    Read on for information about volcanoes resources organised by New Zealand curriculum levels.

    Resources designed for use with NZC levels 1 and 2

    On shaky ground – Introductory article

    Shaky scientists and engineers – Article

    Earthquakes and volcanoes – Article

    New Zealand volcanoes – Article

    Volcano map of New Zealand – Interactive

    Under the Earth’s surface – Article

    Rotorua caldera formation – Media

    Calderas in the sandpit – Activity

    Tectonic jigsaw puzzles – Activity

    Resources designed for use with NZC levels 3 and above

    Investgating volcanoes – Introductory article

    Types of volcanoes – Article

    Types of volcanic rock – Article

    Magma on the move – Article

    Volcanology methods – Article

    Plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes – Article

    Auckland's volcanoes – Article

    Auckland’s forgotten volcano – Article

    Volcanoes in Auckland – Video

    Volcano map of New Zealand – Interactive

    Exploding Taupō – Article

    Rotorua caldera formation – Media

    Plates and quakes – Activity

    World of quakes – Activity

    Geonet – Video

    Plate tectonics – Video

    It’s bringing science into the 21st century using the Hub, isn’t it?


    Classroom examples

    Find out how teachers around New Zealand have used volcano resources in their classrooms.

    Children making evidence-based decisions about volcanic risk – Article

    Students’ evidence-based decision-making – Article

    Science gives students the understanding to make decisions that will be more useful than if somebody just said ’Here’s a civil defence book. These are the things you need’. They can actually understand why they need these things and how their families will be affected.


    Related information

    Modelling tsunamis and protecting the coast – Article

    Geonet – Video

    Dating ice cores – Video

    NASA infrared image of Mount St Helens – Image

    Searching for the Pink and White Terraces – Article

    Solander Island – an extinct volcano – Article

    Volcanic giant found in the Pacific Ocean – Article

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