In this online PD session recorded on 5 November 2015, primary school teacher Angela Schipper describes how she adapted earthquake resources originally designed for secondary students to use with a year 4 class.

Angela taught these resources in her classroom and then developed them further to share on the Science Learning Hub – see our on On shaky ground resources.

See link to view the video of this professional development session (we recommend downloading the video) and also links below to download the:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • index for the PowerPoint and video.

This PLD session was based on the legacy Science Learning Hub however all the resources are still available on the new-look Science Learning Hub site. 

It’s a really good - nice - use of examples. Great for the classroom. I liked your edible earth idea. I’m motivated by food as well [as the children].


Nature of science

Asking questions and discussing models is one way we clarify scientific concepts and theories.


    Published 13 November 2015