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Below are some interesting facts about food.

  • Pacific oysters are high in zinc, iron, iodine and the essential amino acids taurin and hypotaurine which reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • New Zealanders eat about 60 million pies a year, which means that each person eats on average 15 pies a year
  • Almonds and dates, both mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, were among the earliest cultivated foods.
  • Phosphoric acid makes soft drinks fizzy and acidic like lemon juice, so lots of sugar is added to make them taste sweet.
  • A child eating a pie, chips, a cookie and a fizzy drink for lunch is likely to consume 10 teaspoons of fat and 20 of sugar.
  • One standard can of soft drink (330 mls) contains up to 10 teaspoons of sugar.
  • About 1/2 of the calories in the average fast food meal come from fat.

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    Published 8 December 2016 Referencing Hub articles