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    Our bodies have a defence system against pathogens that make us sick. This defence system is made up of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect us. It is known as the immune system. This unit is designed to help teachers improve students’ ideas about the immune system and how it works to fight infection.

    Overarching learning outcomes of this teacher resource integrate:

    • understanding that the immune system works to fight infection in our bodies (scientific knowledge)
    • investigation into the immune system and how it functions to fight specific diseases (scientific practice)
    • understanding that scientific knowledge can be used to help people (nature of science).

    Students will meet these learning outcomes by:

    • identifying and classifying microorganisms
    • identifying some specific cells and parts of the immune system
    • investigating how the immune system responds to specific pathogens
    • playing a card game to explore how different viruses affect the body
    • modelling immune response through drama
    • debating an ethical dilemma.

    Download the unit plan (see link below).

      Published 2 September 2011 Referencing Hub articles