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Position: Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, Department of Engineering
Field: Metallic materials
Organisation: The University of Waikato

Dr Brian Gabbitas is a metallic materials scientist based in the Department of Engineering, University of Waikato. His main research interests include the powder metallurgy of titanium alloys and powder coatings of titanium-based materials.

After graduating with a PhD in metallurgy from the University of Leeds in the UK, Brian worked for several years with a company manufacturing nickel alloys for use in the aerospace industry. He then took the unusual step of accepting a 5-year commission with the British Royal Navy. The experiences gained in his time with the Navy, particularly at the Royal Navy Engineering College in Plymouth, UK, convinced Brian to follow a career path in higher education. In 2002, he accepted a lectureship at the University of Waikato.

Research is a good way to interact with people from overseas, from different cultures and presents a common thread that binds people together. It therefore bridges international and cultural boundaries.

Brian’s work within the Department of Engineering is very diverse, including lecturing, department administration, project supervision and research.
He finds working with research students stimulating and enjoyable.

This article is based on information current in 2009.

    Published 28 October 2009