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  • Position: Quality Control Manager, Field: Horticulture, Organisation: Zealong.

    Key skills, attitudes and values for innovation

    Fabien is part of the strong team culture at Zealong where employees share a passion for the quality of the product. Fabien believes the following attributes are important for working in innovation:
    • Passion
    • Persistence
    • Thinking outside the square.

    Background knowledge and experience

    Innovative projects draw on a range of people with diverse knowledge and expertise. Each person involved contributes a unique knowledge and skill set, which is determined by their particular educational background, the range of experiences they have been involved in through their work, as well as their life outside of work.

    Fabien’s background knowledge and experience is diverse. He grew up in France and has travelled a lot, both as a child (with his parents) and as an adult. Travel has given Fabien a wide range of experiences including different cultures, cuisine, products and people, and he considers that this has developed his interest in experiencing new things. At university, Fabien majored in international business before specialising in web design. Fabien credits his French background with giving him a passion for good food and quality products and how they are produced, and this has influenced him in his travels.

    It’s more about passion than skills. I do believe that, if you’ve got passion for something, you’ll inevitably do your own research and commit to your everyday work more than you would with particular skills without so much motivation.

    After leaving France, Fabien travelled through India and Asia, where he visited a number of tea plantations before coming to New Zealand. Here, he worked on farms and vineyards before becoming involved in quality control at Zealong.

    Useful link

    Find out more about the Zealong tea estate on the Zealong website.

    This article is based on information current in 2013.

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