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  • Riley Hathaway is serious about looking after the ocean. So is her dad, Steve Hathaway. Riley made a video about sea turtles and plastic as a school project. After Steve noticed how the video captured the imagination of young students, he and Riley were inspired to make a 10-episode video series called Young Ocean Explorers. They have also created an interactive website for students and teachers to use.

    Check out these articles to find out more about some of the science ideas and concepts behind the videos and book.

    Young Ocean Explorers episode topics give a short summary on each of the 10 episodes. Want to inspire your students to be take up science as a career or to challenge their perceptions of what a scientist is? use the article Scientists are real people.

    The video series is supported by the book Love Our Ocean. Donations have enabled the Hathaways to provide a copy of the book and the video series on DVD to every school in New Zealand and the Cook Islands. (The Young Ocean Explorers resources are available for purchase. See the Useful links section below for ordering information.)

    Join the Science Learning Hub along with Riley and Steve Hathaway to watch the episodes, peruse the book and then link into further classroom activities, science articles and media.

    Useful links

    Visit the new interactive Young Ocean Explorers website.

    Go here to purchase a copy of the Young Ocean Explorers DVD and Love Our Ocean book.

    Steve and Riley Hathaway share their vision in this TEDx Auckland video.

    Download the Explore the Gulf posters and the free app that bring the posters to life.

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