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  • Position: Polymer scientist
    Field: Science research
    Organisation: Scion

    Key skills for innovation

    Martin thinks the following attributes are important for working in innovation:

    • Energy and drive.
    • Resilience.
    • Perseverance.
    • Passion.

    Background knowledge and experience

    Innovative projects draw on a range of people with diverse knowledge and expertise. Each person involved contributes a unique knowledge and skill set, which is determined by their particular educational background and the range of experiences they are involved in through their work as well as their life outside of work.

    When you can make plastics that have an environmental benefit or don’t use fossil fuels, that gives me an extra drive and a passion to develop an end product.

    The background knowledge and experience that have contributed to Martin’s unique knowledge and skill set for innovation include:

    • BSc and BA degrees
    • a PhD in polymer engineering from the University of New South Wales
    • his current job focus – incorporating bio-based byproducts or residues into petrochemical and/or bioplastic materials
    • the focus of his previous jobs – bioplastics research, developing new grades of starch-based plastics and product development with a plastic bottle manufacturer.


    Listen to this 2014 Radio NZ interview with Dr Martin Markotsis about the biospife.

    This article is based on information current in 2013.

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