Position: Science Team Leader, Biosystematics, Field: Biodiversity, conservation and ecology of New Zealand fungi, Organisation: Landcare Research.

Dr Peter Buchanan is a scientist with a long-standing passion for the study of New Zealand fungi and a desire for others to value these amazing and often overlooked organisms. Following his studies in botany and mycology (study of fungi) at the University of Auckland, Peter was employed by DSIR to study a fungal disease of pasture grass. Later, he undertook postgraduate training in the Netherlands to research wood decay fungi.

Peter now works for Landcare Research as a Science Team Leader with a team of science colleagues who collectively study the native and introduced plants, insects, other invertebrates, fungi and bacteria of New Zealand. Peter's research interests are the biodiversity, conservation and ecology of New Zealand fungi, especially those causing wood decay and diseases of native plants.

He has contributed to several books on New Zealand fungi. In 2004, he was awarded the Science Communicator of the Year award from the New Zealand Association of Scientists. He is a regular contributor and organiser for the annual New Zealand Fungal Foray, now in its 23rd year. He also promotes public appreciation of urban biodiversity through Auckland BioBlitz events, where, during a 24-hour period, scientists work with the public to record as many species as possible of our flora, fauna and fungi.

This article is based on information current in 2009.

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    Published 15 May 2009