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  • Gaming to understand the complexities of water catchment management

    Explore the inaugural New Zealand Aqua Republica Eco Challenge 2016 with Deli Connell, Andrea Soanes and guest presenter Rose Jowsey from DHI Water New Zealand. The Eco Challenge is an annual extracurricular learning event for ages 11–17. Youth around the country can try their hand at balancing the needs of human populations with those of the environment and compete to be regional and national winners.

    The game features a bird’s eye view of a water catchment, based on real-life modelling, where the player acts as the catchment manager applying system-wide approaches to integrated water resource management.

    This webinar also explores a range of Science Learning Hub resources to support Aqua Republica participants with the background knowledge required to achieve the best possible learning outcomes and high scores in this national serious game. It also prompts teachers to broaden their thinking incorporating cultural and scientific aspects and choosing to use the game as a teaching tool.

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    The AquaRepublica ​serious game is now offline.

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    Activity idea

    In this activity, students build an aquifer model and examine how water gets into an aquifer system. Students have the opportunity to discuss the part groundwater plays in the water cycle and to describe the various pathways precipitation can take once it falls to the ground – infiltration, run-off, evaporation and uptake by plants – and understand the link between groundwater, surface water and the water table.

    Nature of science

    Modelling in science is an important aspect to predicting future impacts from different scenarios. Managing water catchment usage is vital to conserving groundwater.

    Useful links

    Water games is a collection of different games addressing various water challenges.

    TKI has further information about gaming for learning.

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