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In this activity, students consider short-term and long-term responses to an environmental disaster such as the Rena.

By the end of this activity, students should be able to:

  • describe what might happen (environmentally) in the event of a maritime disaster such as the Rena
  • explain some short-term and long-term responses that might help to limit environmental damage.

Download the Word file (see link below) for:

  • introduction/background notes
  • what you need
  • what to do.

Useful links

The Rena Long-term Environmental Recovery Plan is an example of a government’s recovery plan following an environmental disaster.

The Rena Recovery Project was declared complete in July 2015. However, its website is still live for retrospective information. It is a useful store of projects, newsletters and short reports on how the various agencies worked together to respond to the disaster.

    Published 11 January 2012, Updated 8 August 2018 Referencing Hub articles