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    In this online professional development session recorded on 23 June 2016, Andrea Soanes from the Science Learning Hub explores the new-look SLH website with a secondary school focus.

    Learn how to navigate around the new-look website to find the resources you need quickly. Andrea gives you tips on how to get the most from the SLH, including the benefits of registering, favouriting articles and activities, media and video sections, investigations and experiments and articles that link across the curriculum.

    Watch the video of this professional development session (we recommend downloading it) and also see the links below to download the:

    • PowerPoint presentation
    • index for the PowerPoint and video.

    I've learned a lot about the new functions and will feel more confident using the new site.


    You might also be interested in our PD session aimed at primary teachers.

    Nature of Science

    The nature of science guides teachers in science to build the skills required by scientists at all levels, from the basics of observation to the more complex skills of collaboration, investigating and decision making within science. It is important within the classroom environment that students have opportunities to build and practise these skills in order for them to become confident science-literate citizens.

      Published 29 June 2016 Referencing Hub articles