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  • Zooplankton sample including several different species + insert
    Rights: Adriana Zingone, Domenico D'Alelio, Maria Grazia Mazzocchi, Marina Montresor, Diana Sarno, LTER-MC team. CC BY-SA 4.0 Published 6 December 2021 Size: 5 MB Referencing Hub media

    Zooplankton are plant eaters (herbivores) that eat phytoplankton. Some will ingest toxins from the phytoplankton.

    Identification/common taxa key of the zooplankton in the image: 1: Calanidae, 2: Temora stylifera, 3: Calocalanus, 4: Clausocalanus, 5: Oncaeidae, 6: gastropod larva, 7: doliolid, 8: fish egg, 9: decapod larva.

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