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  • Rocky coastal scene by a forest, Auckland Islands.
    Rights: Dr Rebecca McLeod Published 29 September 2016 Size: 2 MB Referencing Hub media

    The intertidal zone and related community at the Auckland Islands is considerably different from mainland New Zealand. In the eastern fiords, the tidal range is only 1 metre, and some components of the mainland intertidal community, such as large sea stars, are under-represented or missing. Interesting features of the community include very large limpets, chitons and mussels and a very diverse range of seaweeds. In exposed sites, the bull kelp Durvillaea antarctica dominates the shore. Species composition and changes over time in the intertidal zone can be measured using transects and quadrats.

    Learn more about reef zones such as the intertidal zone.

    Reef zones are, in essence, a scientific construct. Why do you think scientists group different marine habitats?

    Image acknowledgement: Dr Rebecca McLeod

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