The Maths Craft Festival will be returning to the Auckland Museum in September and will be located in the amazing Event Centre, a circular, fully glazed room on the roof of the museum with 360 degree views of the city and harbour, and lots of natural light, perfect for crafting!

Come along and knit a mathematical knot, crochet a Möbius strip, fold an origami tetrahedron or colour a Latin square.

Listen to guest speakers talk about the fascinating relationships between maths and craft or participate in one of our craft workshops.

Our enthusiastic volunteers will make you feel at home no matter what your age or background. And we'll have lots of space and seating, so you can stay and craft all day!

No booking is required. Entry to the festival is free with a museum ticket (which is free for NZ residents).

Venue: Auckland War Memorial Museum

Before you attend the Maths craft festival, listen to Dr Jeanette McLeod and Dr Phil Wilson talk about maths and crafts on Radio New Zealand.

The Hub has a delightful article Measurements, weird and wonderful - part of the wider set of Measurement resources.

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