Join Andrea Soanes and Lyn Rogers in this professional learning session designed to build teachers’ confidence in supporting their students to interpret and make sense of the data they collect. The focus will be on how to engage students in science and to build on their understandings of the nature of science whilst developing their science capabilities.

This session will be valuable for both primary and secondary school teachers.

We will look at the importance of data interpretation as a fundamental aspect of the nature of science and explore relevant activities on the Science Learning Hub.

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Link to our virtual Science Learning Hub Conference Room

See our Nature of science resources.

See our related PLD webinar Delving into data. It's aim is to inspire you to confidently plan opportunities to build on your students’ data-collection skills.

Win a jeweller’s eyepiece (loupe)

Responding to requests in our webinars, we have created a discussion forum for our New Zealand educators. The forum will allow us to continue discussions and share ideas. Our discussion forum has been set up as a group in Pond here or search in Pond ‘Science Learning Hub: Gather and interpret data’. You don’t have to register with Pond to see the discussion, but there are benefits in terms of sharing resources and participating in discussion that make it worth registering.

In the webinar Developing an eagle eye, we showcased how to make a simple microscope. To win a jeweller’s eyepiece (loupe), used for this activity, join in one of the discussions in our Pond group before the end of February.

We have three to give away!

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