Citizen science broadly describes scientific investigations in which volunteers collect data relating to biodiversity and the environment to enhance our knowledge of the natural world. Learn more about citizen science in An Inventory of Citizen Science Programmes, Projects, Resources and Learning Opportunities in New Zealand. 

Rotopiko Catchment Community Pest Control Project NZ Landcare Trust with support from the National Wetland Trust, aims to establish a new community catchment group focused on predator control in a wetland reserve outside a pest-free wetland sanctuary at Lake Rotopiko near Ohaupo.

Community Catchment Action Plan for Lake Ngaroto Waikato peat lakes are ecologically important areas and many of those that remain are becoming highly degraded. The good news is that farmers, landowners and local communities are becoming increasingly aware of the need to restore these precious resources.

Learn more about Waikato peat wetlands in this Hub article.

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