Citizen science broadly describes scientific investigations in which volunteers collect data relating to biodiversity and the environment to enhance our knowledge of the natural world. Learn more about citizen science in An Inventory of Citizen Science Programmes, Projects, Resources and Learning Opportunities in New Zealand. 

The New Zealand Landcare Trust has multiple citizen science projects running throughout the country. Projects running in Northland are:

Reconnecting Northland is a Northland-wide ecological restoration project and the first of its kind at this scale in New Zealand. It will restore a range of natural processes and ecosystems across the whole region, while also building environmental, social, cultural and economic resilience.

Kiwi Coast A total of 120,293 ha are now under active pest control along the Kiwi Coast. Over the last three years more than 100,000 pests have been eradicated thanks to the efforts of community groups linked to the project.

Go With the Flow: Northern Kaipara Harbour Project integrates community volunteer planting, riparian fencing, wetland restoration and investigations to identify inanga spawning habitat.

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