Citizen science broadly describes scientific investigations in which volunteers collect data relating to biodiversity and the environment to enhance our knowledge of the natural world. Learn more about citizen science in An Inventory of Citizen Science Programmes, Projects, Resources and Learning Opportunities in New Zealand. 

The New Zealand Landcare Trust has multiple citizen science projects running throughout the country. Projects of national interest are:

Citizen science meets environmental restoration

This is a three year project funded with support from Ministry for the Environment's Community Environment Fund, that aims to improve the leadership, strategic direction and coordination of citizen science in New Zealand.

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WETMAK - wetlands monitoring and assessment kit

WETMAK provides advice on useful monitoring techniques and methods of assessing the impact of wetland restoration work. The Wetland Monitoring Hub compliments WETMAK and provide additional information about some of the more technical modules.

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Learn more about wetlands with these Hub articles: Wetlands - the river’s kidneys and Peat bogs in the Waikato.

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