What is Your School Doing to Become Eco-Champions? Why not showcase what you already do or get involved in your area? This is what Primary Science Week in 2018 is all about. 


  • Cleaning up a local park area
  • Removing weeds from a local bush or stream
  • Keeping your school free of litter
  • Cleaning up the beach
  • Recycling at your school
  • Making Compost or feeding worms
  • Removing Pests from your school and surrounds

If you are already doing one or more of these

  • Communicate what you have done /found out – Infographic / Poster

If you are just starting out you can follow this scientific procedure

  • Identify the issue (what is important to your school)
  • Make and record observations and/or collect data
  • Analyse your observations, data
  • Discuss the changes and suggest permanent solutions
    • look at the Cause and Effect before and after
    • Compare and Contrast
  • Communicate what you have done, found out
    • Infographic
    • Poster
    • Display
  • Share with other schools using the NZAPSE Website (details coming soon)

For further information and to register: https://nzapse.nzase.org.nz/primary-science-week 

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