Come to the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE) 8th biennial conference with the theme of An ecosystem for environmental education.

It has never been a more exciting and challenging time to be an environmental educator in New Zealand and around the world. This conference will examine the challenges and celebrate progress and successes in the Wellington region, nationally and beyond, through a diverse and fascinating array of presentations, workshops, field trips and networking opportunities.

This conference will explore two core streams that support the ‘Ecosystem for environmental education’ theme:

  • The ecosystem for environmental education represents the vast and interconnected network of individuals and organisations without whom our successes wouldn’t be possible. Throughout this conference, we’ll be exploring our own ecosystem and the ways we can nurture it to ensure its health for decades to come.
  • Celebrating and strengthening collaboration: This stream will celebrate current collaborations – identifying key aspects that make them successful and exploring tools and participatory design that will improve collaboration between partners and the wider community.

For further information contact:
Thom Adams
Phone: 04 463 4768

Venue: Wellington Girls College, Wellington

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