Design the future and win the chance to light up Auckland’s Harbour Bridge!


Imagine a smart energy future. A world of solar, wind, kinetic, geothermal and wave energy… put on your inventor’s cap and design something that will make life better!

Draw, make, or film your entry – anything goes. Then tell us: how is it powered?



Winners will be launching Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge!

Date of the very special launch night event will be confirmed soon.

Winners and runners-up will also receive a solar robot kit and a family pass to Vector Wero.

The judges will be looking for the following:

  • Creativity – quirky, cool, artistic ideas will capture our attention!

  • Usefulness – how will this help us in future?

  • Smart energy – how is it powered?

Judges are: Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson, and Engineer and CEO of Vector, Simon Mackenzie.

Entry details

  • Age categories: years 3-4, years 5-6 and years 7-8.

  • All entries will be displayed on the Vector Lights website with the entrant’s first name only, plus age and suburb.

  • Entries can be drawings, videos, models or stories.

  • Entries should be uploaded to the website (scan art work if possible), and entries that can’t be scanned can be posted to: ‘Design The Future’ Competition, c/o Vector Energy, 101 Carlton Gore Rd, Auckland 1023.

  • Videos must be no more than one minute in duration.

For further information and to register:

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