France-Aotearoa Science, Technology and !nnovation (FAST!) Society Inc. invites you to an Inaugural Strategy Workshop.

The purpose of FAST! is to foster France-New Zealand scientific collaboration, stimulate communication, and enhance the exchange of technology and innovation between the two countries.

You are warmly invited to attend the official launch of FAST!. This one-day workshop will develop a strategy so that FAST! can play a pivotal role in expanding the collaboration in science and technology between the two countries. The day will include keynote addresses, poster sessions from successful past and present collaborative projects, and will conclude with FAST!'s first Annual General Meeting. The workshop is free and in English.

FAST! welcomes all people engaged in Science, Technology and Innovation, from post-graduate students to senior scientists, engineers and managers, in France and in New Zealand.

Venue: Alan MacDiarmid building, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington

For further information and to register (deadline is 17 November 2017):

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