East Coast LAB and GNS are running 2 competitions for Te Tairāwhiti, to raise awareness of the important earthquake and tsunami research happening off the East Coast of New Zealand and there are awesome prizes to be won!

Art under pressure

This is open to all Primary Schools in Tairāwhiti.
The R/V Jodies Resolution will be sending instruments down to the depths of the sea to learn more about the Hikurangi subduction zone. 

The competition mission is to create a piece of art on a Styrofoam cup or Styrofoam plate relating to one or more of the following: the Hikurangi plate boundary, earthquakes, tsunamis and/or emergency preparedness. The best cups will be taken on the boat and sent down 1000 m to the seafloor and the pressure of the sea above will shrink your piece of art.

Find out more here: www.eastcoastlab.org.nz/discover/competitions/art-under-pressure 

Name a seafloor observatory 

This is for Years 9-12 Tairāwhiti secondary students.
Scientists onboard the R/V Jodies Resolution will be installing two deep sea observatories at the Hikurangi plate boundary in 2018 and they will each need a new name.

These two observatories will be lowered into two boreholes, both 500 m below the seafloor off the East Coast of Gisborne. They will remain down there for at least 10 years, gathering valuable information on earthquakes and tsunami waves.

Enter this competition by creating a poster or video explaining why your name is the best name for the deep sea observatory. Entries should reflect the learning the student has done to come with a name – the science of earthquakes and the purpose of the observatories.

Find out more here: www.eastcoastlab.org.nz/discover/competitions/name-a-deep-sea-observatory 

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