Citizen Scientists wanted! the Mm2 (Marine Metre Squared) project is an easy way for anyone to survey the plants and animals living on their local seashore.

The NZ Marine Studies Centre, at University of Otago, is encouraging everyone to participate in long term monitoring of their marine environment – the Marine Metre Squared. Anyone can take part – individuals, families, schools and community groups.

Find out how the Marine Metre Squared project links with the Nature of Science strand and develops science capabilities for citizenship on the Ministry of Education TKI site, here

Secondary school teachers could get your senior biology students involved in a Marine Metre Squared Project called the NZ Seashore Transect Survey. For further information, see

Take a moment to join the Marine Metre Squared project – it's easy and free.

As a registered member you get full access to the online Mm2 database where you can add your own survey data to show others what is living between the tides on your local shore, and compare your shore with rest of New Zealand to find out which species live where using our simple mapping and analysis tools.

Registered members can also join the Mm2 online community where you can connect with other members of the MM2 network, get help with species identification, take part in new projects and challenges and suggest mini-projects of your own.

For further information, go to:

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Sediment and Seashores: What are the Consequences? - this content highlights a Participatory Platform Project to monitor possible impacts arising from the dredging of the Otago Harbour, this included collaboration with Mm2. Find out how students and scientists worked together to gather robust data about intertidal habitats - a first for the Otago area!

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Listen to Sally Carson from the Portobello Marine Laboratory in Dunedin talk about her Marine Meter Squared project in this Radio New Zealand interview.

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