The goal of this conference is to Encouraging passion, creativity and innovation to inspire leaders in education.

Uncover the essence of trauma-informed approaches in schools, explore the impact on student behaviour, and learn strategies for nurturing inclusive environments. Adapt your curriculum and management for trauma-affected students. Craft personalised action plans to seamlessly integrate trauma-informed practices into your school setting. Transform education with empathy and insight.

  • Defining trauma-informed approaches and their significance in schools
  • Exploring how trauma affects students' behaviour, learning, and well-being
  • Strategies for fostering safe, welcoming, and inclusive school environments
  • Adapting the curriculum and classroom management to accommodate trauma-affected students.
  • Creating personalised action plans for integrating trauma-informed practices in participants' own school settings

This conference is unique in its conception – it's for all teachers who are looking to develop the skills required to succeed and to improve the impact they have on their students. Featuring a blend of traditional sessions and longer masterclasses, it has been designed to support teachers in taking the next step on their journey to being future leaders.

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Location: B:HIVE, Smales Farm, 72 Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland

NoteL Super Saver on tickets closes 1 April.

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