GirlBoss NZ is dedicated to improving outcomes for young women and helping them to reach their full potential via STEM, leadership and entrepreneurship.

GirlBoss NZ CEO, Alexia Hilbertidou, delivers a series of innovative programmes to schools and businesses who are serious about empowering the next generation of female changemakers. Just returned from a space mission with NASA, Alexia’s own mission is to get young women to the table - the boardroom table that is, and she believes the decisions made while young are crucial in paving the way.
Alexia’s passion for STEAM led her to create Girlboss when she was just 16 years old. Less than two years later GirlBoss has become an 8,000 strong network for ambitious, young New Zealand women.
“We were the first to give women the vote, and my vision is to be the first country to close the gender gap in the areas set to have profound influence in the future - STEAM, business and leadership.” 
GirlBoss has developed a range of inspiring, interactive, life changing workshops for students and educators. The workshops have been developed in consultation with education professionals and are based on the latest leadership pedagogy. Courses range from full day to 1-2  hour sessions. There are also PLD sessions for educators.

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In this recorded PLD session Andrea Soanes from the Science Learning Hub was joined by three guest presenters – all inspirational women working in STEM – who shared their insights into the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and explored ways to encourage young women into STEM careers.

Useful links

  • The Hub is rich in stories on the work of women in science. This bucket in the Pond features some of them.
  • An Unlocking Curious Minds project in collaboration with the Ministry of Education has created a series of profiles on women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • The Participatory Science Platform encourages communities and scientists to work together on collaborative research projects. These projects not only have scientific value but are also relevant to local concerns and provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities for those who get involved.
  • A Nation of Curious Minds puts special emphasis on young people and science/pūtaiao education. See a range of new or extended science/pūtaiao and technology/hangarau activities for teachers and kaiako across all levels of education.
  • The New Zealand Association for Women in the Sciences encourages women to use and develop their scientific abilities and to achieve their full potential.
  • The Ministry for Women's website includes a new directory that identifies opportunities for girls to get exposure to science, technology and engineering. 
  • The Eureka! Sir Paul Callaghan Awards are designed to encourage and develop young leaders within the STEM subject areas. These students hold the future of New Zealand in their hands.



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