As the nation plunges into pandemic, Gwen Isaac’s observational documentary delves into the trenches with Dr Siouxsie Wiles, the fuchsia-haired microbiologist – mother and scientist who became a celebrity in extraordinary times.

Documentary synopsis

Ms. INFORMATION is a revealing rollercoaster ride through the life and times of a polarizing scientist, mother and leader.

It traces the triumphs and tears of Dr Siouxsie Wiles, a non-conforming pink-haired scientist whose unique skill at communicating life-saving science catapults her into the limelight when Covid hits New Zealand.

Siouxsie’s outspoken nature and distinctive appearance turn her into a much-awarded feminist icon but also make her a target for violent and threatening abuse. And when she won’t back down and insists on remaining her unconventional self, the attacks intensify to reveal the angst of a small nation in flux.

As the storm rages, teenage daughter Eve watches her Mum face off bullies and misogyny, developing her own theories on the peaks and pitfalls of being a woman of influence.

Show times and locations

This documentary is showing at various locations through out Aotearoa New Zealand this October and November.

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