This summer, discover the astonishing dinosaurs of Patagonia, South America.

Step into the desert of Patagonia and discover incredible new fossil finds. See how palaeontologists reconstruct the past, and journey back in time to explore dinosaur adaptations and environments. Patagonia and Aotearoa New Zealand were part of Gondwana when dinosaurs ruled – could similar dinosaurs have roamed here?

This family-friendly exhibition includes models, fossils, videos, and fun activities – walk like a dino, sound like a dino, even create a virtual dino!

Highlights include:

  • a 30-metre-long cast of Patagotitan
  • eleven other precise casts, from tiny Manidens to ferocious Tyrannotitan, which preyed on Patagotitan
  • one of the biggest fossilised bones ever found: Patagotitan’s femur.

For more information and to buy tickets, go to:

Supporting this exhibition are a wide range of events such as: family friendly sleep-overs, Dino special FX with Wētā Workshop, Film screening of Jurassic Park, Fossil finders whānau day. For a full list and details see:

Location: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 55 Cable Street, Wellington

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