Join global experts in science and community leaders for a transformative event, shaping a brighter future together!

This gathering expands on the planned February event that was cancelled due to Cyclone Gabrielle. Over two full days delve into two segments: Science and Community.

In the Science section hear from globally renowned experts in medical sciences and imaging technology, including Sir Richard Faull, Associate Professor Jerome Maller, Associate Professor Hesam Jahanian, Professor Terry Peters, Professor Peter Hunter and Professor Katie McMahon.

The Community Conversations segment covers vital topics like ADHD, methamphetamine addiction, prostate cancer, concussion, and mate wareware (dementia). Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of healthcare, scientific advancements, and community well-being.

Admission is FREE so mark your calendars now.


Science: Day 1, 8:30am1:00pm

Speakers include Sir Richard Faull, Associate Professor Hesam Jahanian, Associate Professor Miriam Scadeng, Dr Gonzalo Maso Talou, Dr Eryn Kwon, Dr Vickie Shim. More speakers to be confirmed.

Community: Day 1, 4:30pm– 6:30pm

Future vision of Mātai, Parkinson's disease, Cardiac Science, ADHD, Student Overview.

Science: Day 2, 9:00am–1:00pm

Speakers include: Professor Peter Hunter, Professor Katie McMahon, Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer, Dr Gary Cowin, Graham Wilson, Dr Haribalan Kumar, Leigh Potter, Dr Geoffrey Handsfield, Paul Condron, Dr Daniel Cornfeld, Dr Hamid Abassi.

Community: Day 2, 4:00pm7:00pm

Mātai Future Vision, family wellness, prostate cancer, physiotherapy, methamphetamine impact, mTBI/concussion in rugby, mate wareware (dementia).

Location: War Memorial Theatre, 159 Bright Street, Gisborne

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