The amazing New Zealand International Science Festival has over 90 events in venues all across Dunedin.

Tickets are now on sale, so don't delay! There is everything from stage shows to panel talks, tours to tastings, hands-on workshops to museum exhibitions.

A few examples below:

  • Wine and sound with Dr Jo Burzynska
  • Women in science brunch
  • AI and the workforce (find out more about Artificial intelligence)
  • Antimicrobial resistance (find out more about Antimicrobial resistance)
  • Backyard diversity
  • Be a citizen scientists (explore our citizen science resources)
  • Edible insects: treat or trick?
Rights: Otago Locusts

Locust lollipop

Would you eat this lollipop with the added bonus of a locust?

  • Enabling Kaitiakitanga: A National Science Challenges panel
  • Exploring Dunedin’s volcano
  • Exploring our marine environment through VR
  • Fight like a physicist
  • Kiwi Kai (explore our supporting resources, start with Kiwi Kai virtual farm – an introduction)
  • Murder, mystery, and mixology: a killer night out
  • Sci fight science comedy debate: we should fear AI
  • SciComm Student Film Premiere
  • Tarantula tales
  • The science of chocolate
  • Youth ROBOTICS artplay

For more information:

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