Science Spinners is a youth engagement project supporting vulnerable communities and lower decile high schools with a priority focus on Māori/Pasifika students to:

  • ignite an interest in Science and STEM subjects to build a higher level of scientific literacy and grow our pool of critical thinkers
  • build aspirations for higher academic achievement by better Informing our youth on STEM subjects and the application in real-life context
  • uncover the exciting world of Science/STEM careers to help boost STEM vocational aspirations

Science Spinners programmes run over one day for Waikato year 9–13 students. Giving them a taste of what science really is, how it applies to their everyday life, and introduce some of the awesome careers science can lead to!

These programmes are for students who learn through more interactive and engaging methods, guiding them to find out the solutions through inquiry and discovery!

Programmes available

  • Creative lab
  • Stem hub

For more information and to register:

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