The argument that the world in which today’s students will eventually work, will be different and more complicated than the one they currently know, has become a truism. It guides our thinking in multiple ways. In this scenario, education is becoming equally fluid.

While this scenario may be contested by some, it is also welcomed by others. This conference reflects on its implications from the perspective of its host institution, Sheridan College, Toronto. Here, the complexity of the world we operate in, is reflected in the complexity of teaching: interdisciplinary, engaged, embedded, creative and applied.

Around the theme of applying teaching in a complex world then, this conference brings together educators from a range of disciplines: art, design, technology, the social, health sciences and the humanities. It is premised on exploring the relationship between education as a practice in and of itself. Equally, it is centred on the application of education across multiple pedagogical and professional fields in a real, if changing, world.

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