Visit MOTAT for a new, interactive exhibition profiling pioneering Kiwi heart clinicians and the bravery of their patients.
This pop-up exhibition developed by The Auckland Medical Museum Trust with support from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) tells the largely untold story of New Zealand’s leading role in the evolution of heart surgery, explains how the heart works and how heart disease is investigated.
Displays with interactive models demonstrate normal heart function, what could go wrong and what can be done to diagnose and correct heart problems. The exhibition delves into the inspiring stories behind New Zealand’s first open-heart operation, the cooling of children’s hearts to allow life-saving surgery and the innovation which led to replacing damaged heart valves.

 Also on offer is the Brave hearts education programme for students in years 7 to 10. It will focus on four key areas: understanding how the heart works, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease.
Venue: 805 Great North Road, Western Springs, Auckland
For more information, please visit:

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