Join LEARNZ for their annual trek to Antarctica.

At the end of 2017, you will be going to a place that has fascinated explorers and scientists for over 100 years; Antarctica. Unlike early adventurers, you won't be sailing there - you will be flying on a C17 Globemaster that will land on the Antarctic sea ice! it will be about -20°C and your first steps will fill your senses to overflowing: your eyes getting accustomed to the bright light, the weird sound your boots make on dry snow, strange sensations as the snot in your nose freezes, nothing man-made toward the horizon to help you judge distance, the thought that you and the 265 tonne Globemaster are sitting on 1.5 m of ice over sea water hundreds of metres deep - and that's just the start!

Your friends on this trip are Antarctic scientists and other experts staying at New Zealand's Scott Base. You will complete a survival training course; join other Antarcticans for meals in the Scott Base dining room; join morning meetings to plan the day's activity and travel across the ice to see how cool science is really done! The opportunities for student involvement and interaction during this trip will ensure their learning is very real.

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Prior to the Antarctic adventure, visit the Hub for an avalanche of Antarctic and climate change resources.


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