Interested in stimulating your year 4 to 8 students? The Junior Eureka! Programme is a good place to start!

Junior Eureka’s primary aim is to enable, encourage and engage young students to talk about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with knowledge and confidence, to their classmates, friends and families. The secondary aim of Junior Eureka is to prepare students to participate and do well in the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards.

The Junior Eureka programme is designed to be integrated into your existing science curriculum and to be flexible in how you want to do science. It is fundamental to participation in this programme that teachers feel free to exercise as much creativity and flexibility as they need to ensure that students are fully engaged and excited about what they are doing.

Students undertake a local application investigation or a House of Science experiment and make a presentation to their class or at a school assembly.

Teachers will be supplied with sufficient quantities of Achievement Certificates to present to each student who has successfully delivered a presentation to their classmates as part of the Junior Eureka Programme.

For guidelines and curriculum information, please visit:

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