How is milk made and processed? Why is the Waikato considered the ‘dairy capital of New Zealand’? This interactive, educational exhibition created for children and families, explores issues and highlights advancements in agricultural science that are paving the way for an even more productive, efficient and environmentally conscious industry.

Milk Matters celebrates success, telling the stories of our local farmers, and explains some of the science and technology that surrounds dairy farming. From the underground (soil science) to the atmosphere (climate change) visitors can explore modern dairying in the Waikato.

Come on this fascinating journey, of water, of nutrients, of grass that go to make up quality milk, and then discover how milk itself is made into an astonishingly diverse range of flavoursome foods. You will be surprised by the energy and invention that is focused on this everyday food, and get to know why milk matters!

Venue: Waikato Museum, 1 Grantham Street, Hamilton

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We have numerous milk-related resources, try searching for 'milk' under our food topic and see what you can find. Some examples of our range of resources are: cheese making in the WaikatoA1 or A2 milk? and dairy’s environmental issues.

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