Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to make improvements to our lives in so many ways, including enhancing efficiencies in the workplace, generating productivity gains and having a positive impact on our wellbeing.

It also promises to help with even bigger issues like uncovering criminal activity and solving crimes, dramatically influencing healthcare, addressing global challenges, and reducing global inequities and extreme poverty.

The 2020 Gibbons Memorial Lecture Series will discuss the fears and excitement of AI today and in the future, and the impacts it could have both on and in our society.


  • 30 September – Our future with AI
  • 7 October – Big data: Transparency and reliability
  • 14 October – Learning to adapt to changes in this dynamic world
  • 21 October – Social media, AI, and society: Some psychological insights

Venue: University of Auckland General Library, Room B15, 109-B15, 5 Alfred Street, Auckland

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