The theme of SciCon 2020 is ‘Making connections’, which has far reaching implications.

It is an opportunity to make connections with educators and organisations, or to foster the uptake of new technologies and ideas for teaching.

A range of workshops will be available for secondary teachers, primary teachers and technicians.

Note: due the lockdown period there maybe some changes to the original plans as this has now been re-scheduled.

Keynote speakers

The great range of speaker includes:

  • Robin Millar – Emeritus Professor of Science Education at the University of York

  • Siouxsie Wiles – in 2020 she was appointed a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to microbiology and science communication

  • Tanya Latty – an entomologist with a special interest in insect behaviour and ecology

  • Juliet Gerrard – the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor

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Venue: Unitec (Mt Albert Campus), Auckland

Look out for the Science Learning Hub team at SciCon, we will be holding two workshops.

The future with plastic

Plastics have changed the ways that we live. Their durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant properties make them incredibly useful – but these same properties also make them undeniably problematic.

This workshop will explore ways to scaffold students’ exploration of plastics using an approach centred around futures thinking: What is the current situation? What trends can we observe? What influences are at play? What might the future look like? What future do we want, and how can we achieve this?

Planning for primary science

Join us to explore different approaches to planning for science in primary classrooms and schools – from making the most of 'teachable moments' to in-depth planning around a whole-school theme. Planning might also start with the key concepts, or pick up on particular science capabilities; other planning could centre around a scientific or socio-scientific context.

We will share examples and supporting resources for a range of different approaches. We will also introduce some of our newer resources, including our citizen science collection, resources that support mātauranga Māori, and our collections tool designed to support teacher planning.

Related content

Prepare for our workshops by checking out our resources below.

The future with plastic

Futures thinking


  • Rethinking plastics (includes an interactive timeline) – The Royal Society Te Apārangi and the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor have created reports and resources to help when looking at the plastic issue.

  • Thinking about plastic – planning pathways (includes an interactive planning pathway) – use this to begin a cross-curricular look at plastics.

Planning for primary science

The annual Primary Science Week provides an opportunity for all New Zealand schools to engage in science learning and the 2020 theme is Sounds of Aotearoa.

Remember that in our PLD section and under a topic or concept, you can use the filters to select primary or secondary levels and in search you can narrow it even further to help focus your results.

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