Please Do Touch features a series of paintings by Yaniv Janson that explore United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as climate change, water quality, oceanic ecological systems, poverty and sustainable cities. Each painting is partnered with another to represent what will happen if we take action, as opposed to doing nothing.

Yaniv partnered with the Te Uku Primary school near Raglan for an educational project, which combines raising awareness of environmental and social sustainability amongst students and eliciting actions.

My audience tells me they connect emotionally to my work. My paintings ask them to visualise social, environmental and climatic challenges. Reaching through pre-conscious channels can complement scientists’ messages. For instance, I am interested in combining art and science to quantify the impact of the ‘smallest individual actions

Yaniv Janson

Educators are invited to attend the opening of Yaniv's exhibition at 5:30pm on 9 January. Meet Yaniv and the team and learn about the educational resources they’ve developed – including a journal developed in collaboration with Te Papa Museum.

Venue: ArtsPost, 120 Victoria Street, Hamilton

For more information about the exhibition, please visit:

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