Did you know that the equivalent of one soccer pitch of soil is eroded every 5 seconds? Join the United Nations in their efforts to stop soil erosion by participating in the Greening the future photo challenge.

Greening the future photo

Take part in Greening the future photo challenge by:

  • Printing out the ‘pledge card’ (page 2 of the 'Greening the future photo challenge's flyer).
  • Pop a native seed or seedling in the soil.
  • Take a photo or selfie holding the ‘pledge card’.
  • Share your photo on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) using the hashtags: #StopSoilErosion and #WorldSoilDay.
  • Send your photo (in high-quality) to world-soil-day@fao.org with a short description (200 words max) illustrating how your action is fighting erosion by 30 November 2019.

Visit the UN’s FAO page for more information: www.fao.org/world-soil-day/challenge/en/

Alternatively, celebrate World Soil Day by planting a native tree/shrub simply because it is a good thing to do! Ground cover is a great way to reduce soil erosion.

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